Friday, 27 June 2014

Build 18471 :: Game moves to Beta, MAJOR Changes to Garrisons Size, Building Types, Monuments Added

The sacrifices we have to make.

After playing through the Alpha again last night it became apparent that my observation that the Alliance Garrison is smaller than its Horde counterpart from the last Build may not be entirely accidental. My Good Dear Friend Crow, @unlimitedBLACK on the Twitters, is writing about Garrisons over at BlizzPro and his latest post on the Build indicates that the reduction in size is in fact deliberate. The Level One Garrison will now, for both Factions, only contain space for your Town Hall, Barracks (which is built via questing) and one Professions building (which currently means Alchemy as premade 90's are front-loaded with Alchemy and Herbalism at max) Crow assures me that the Horde version has been scaled back to match this layout on both sides, and in retrospect this makes a whole lot of sense. The original Horde layout was large, and there was a lot going on for a 'starter' experience, so scaling it back is logical.

Then there was the revelation as I came down for breakfast this morning that Building Specialisations have been removed entirely from the Garrisons concept:

There you go.

If you wanted any further proof that this feature is being developed on a daily basis, then here it is. The specialisations (which allowed you to choose a particular path for your professions buildings) has now been removed, and the particular abilities of other buildings will simply be rolled into the building construction as you level them. The concept was complicated, and clearly Blizzard have decided to simplify processes as much as possible. In the Alliance version of the game, therefore, there is no Farm to be seen at all in the early stages, and you are given a quest to send workers out into Shadowmoon for food which integrates into the normal run of Shadowmoon questing. There is however a Mine, which has a questgiver attached, and as Crow assures me the quest is buggy but functional I'll be trying that later today.

Miners will need to be accompanied.

The scope of alteration in this build is considerable, and it is probably easier at this point to simply list what we are aware has changed:

  • As stated above, you have no access to your Farm in the L1 Alliance Garrison. One assumes questing will be introduced to place the building manually at later levels.
  • Fishing Shack has been removed, but according to this tweet it will be back, and we should see some major action on this front in the next Build:

  • There is now a specific category on your Quest Log that states if a Quest is relevant to building your Garrison :D

As you can see, you now have a category entitled 'Garrison Support.' This quest is the one that rewards you with your Alchemy Plans, and involves a couple of quests to help some Draenei with their fishing exploits. However, traditional questing will also provide you with breadcrumbs to send you to followers. 
  • ALL of your possible followers are listed in your Missions/Followers menu, not simply the ones you have currently discovered:

This menu remains fairly buggy, and rewards as yet are not clear. However Crow has kindly provided me with a full list of followers and abilities, which I can add to the site in due course.

  • The first signs on genuine Garrison Customisation have appeared in game. Behold, the Monument plinth:

This currently lives outside your Barracks. Clicking on the plinth opens a scroll through menu, where you can click on a number of different 'monuments' to display. The implication at present is that this may directly relate to Achievements in game:

However, it is also possible that these Monuments may be awarded for killing certain bosses, or that you can 'discover' them in game, or maybe eventually you can purchase them with spare Garrison Resources. This is Alpha Beta after all, anything is possible.

I hope to get an opportunity to play through some more gameplay over the weekend, and hopefully there should be some new updates as the first waves of Beta invites come through. 

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  1. i like that they made the intro/lvl 1 smaller but i just hope they did not reduce the overall plots at its max lvl i want to still have those 10 plots in the end